About ICON Risk Management

ICON was established to be an advocate for the Employer. Our primary focus is to incorporate our Enterprise Risk Management Solutions to ensure appropriate claim resolution, promote safety and loss control, and for the overall protection of your organization’s assets.

Far too often, claims get mishandled from the beginning and insurance carriers’ adjusters fail to manage them properly. The result? Your organization’s insurance premiums increase substantially and affect your bottom line. With ICON’s claims management team on your side, reserves get lowered and claims get closed!

Organizations also tend to overlook the importance of employee safety training. Prevention of claims can be just as powerful as the management of the claims process. Properly training the supervisors and front-line employees on how to initially handle an incident when it first occurs can ultimately help to mitigate the claim in the first place. An employee accident, which was first thought to be an insignificant first aid claim, can quickly turn into a compilation of erroneous injuries. The result? The claim that should have been a couple hundred dollars turns into thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. ICON has extensive safety training topics that can be designed specifically for your organization utilizing exceptional instructors.

ICON’s human resource intervention capabilities are designed with your specific organization in mind. We do not want to replace your current human resource department, but rather assimilate our proven techniques into your organization’s existing policies and procedures and to create a new culture and awareness of the tasks presented.

ICON produces results by using an aggressive team of industry experts consisting of Labor Law Specialists, Risk Management Auditors, Workers’ Compensation Claims Analysts, Workers’ Compensation Medical Auditors, Nurse Case Managers, Human Resource Specialists, Fraud and Employee Theft Investigators, Safety Training Instructors, OSHA Compliance Specialists, and many more.

ICON’s powerful turnkey strategies involving the collaborative process of assessment, planning and facilitating our core objectives are all strategically designed to promote quality cost containment outcomes.

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