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Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

ICON Risk Management (ICON) provides a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management platform for educating and assisting organizations in cost containment strategies for workers' compensation claims management, OSHA compliance, safety & loss control and human resource support.

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Enterprise Risk Management

The future of your company is simply too important to leave up to chance, and this includes the countless variables that could have insurance premiums eating into precious resources. Here at ICON Risk Management, we are on the side of the employer, and this means our specialists take the time and focus on the minute details of your company ranging from workers’ compensation claims and safety training to fraud analysis and fraud prevention. No matter the industry that you are working in, our team is ready to take the guesswork out of risk management and put the power back in the hands of the employer.


Everything in an organization works together as a complete system, rather than the individual parts of the system. ERM is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on an organization’s capital and earnings. Enterprise risk management expands the process to include not just risks associated with accidental losses, but also financial, strategic, operational, and other risks.
The process of protecting an organization’s assests through exposure identification, exposure analysis, controlling exposures, financing losses and the implementation and monitoring of the process.